How To Remove iCloud Lock From Locked iPhone (For FREE)

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Sometimes it happens that you buy used iPhone and sadly enough you find it locked by the original user.  This is a much common thing around and iCloud unlock is a big problem everywhere especially when you want it free. For unlocking the iPhone, you probably see for suggestions on YouTube or on Google but mostly don’t work out. It is very hard to find a source where you can remove iCloud lock from locked iPhone. Before proceeding to the steps or explanation of it, it is very necessary to know that what actually iCloud Lock is?

What is iCloud Lock?

It is basically a security feature designed Apple to prevent the use of mobile in case of lost or stolen. In this case if “Find my iPhone” is enabled you can’t reset iPhone data, erase it, change the account or even disable the “Find my iPhone” without the original user ID and password. So if your iPhone has on screen message says, “Activation Lock” then it means your phone needs original ID and password to unlock iCloud lock from iCloud unlock free service.

iCloud lock

Check whether your iPhone is stolen?

The very first thing that comes in mind while seeing some phone with iCloud locked is that they might be stolen. But it is not necessary every time, it might get happen accidentally too. Someone may forget disable “Find my iPhone” feature before sell off the phone or erasing data but if you are really interested in finding out whether our iPhone is stolen or not, you can check it on “Stolen Phone Checker” website.  On this website you can check about your iPhone status using IMEI number. Your IMEI number is mostly on SIM tray or on the back specifically in case of iPhone wont turn on.

After finding that finding up that, let’s see the ways of unlocking iCloud lock free.

  • Contact the seller: the

    Best way to deal with this all is to contact the person from whom you have bought the phone. Maybe they have forgotten to disable the “Find my iPhone” option. If

    that scenario that the scenario, meeting them up will solve all your issues. Even if you cannot meet them physically you can ask them on the phone to unlock the iPhone as they can easily do this online on the iCloud account.

  • Take help from Apple store:

    You might have some sort of Apple store nearby that can bid you in this matter. Being technical persons they know about the

    technicalities of the phone and can unlock the phone using some hardware tricks. But definitely store owners want the ownership receipt from you. Moreover, if it would be a stolen phone, they are not going to help you.

  • Use App: When there comes the problem, there comes a solution. Many apps have also been developed that claims to take you out of this situation. One of such apps is “Lock Wiper” which claims or says that using it you can unlock your iCloud lock. 
  1. Download it on your PC and run.
  2. Attach your iPhone with PC too. 
  3. Select “Unlock Apple ID”. 
  4. Visit AppleiPhoneRingtones 

The paid version of the software will successfully remove lock if the device is compatible with it.

  • Bypass iCloud:

    Well there is an option of bypassing iCloud instead of unlocking it where you can

    use the phone in a limited way. This limited use may include watching a video, sending a SMS or use social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. but you cannot download any app nor can make calls. You can only use the phone through Wi-Fi. Consider it a temporary use that can be beneficial until you don’t properly unlock your iPhone iCloud.

Let’s go through the steps and see how can you Bypass iCloud.

About “iCloud DNS Bypass” method:

It is basically a trick that can play with the IP of the phone. You change the DNS (Domain name service) address of the phone as it acts as a host to run the application and through which you can change the activation path of your phone.


  1. Insert sim card into the phone and turn it on it.
  2. Press the home button and open Wi-Fi-settings.
  3. Look for “” symbol.
  4. In connection settings, click on “Forget the network”.   
  5. Now press “” key and enter a new DNS address.
  6. You may insert any new DNS address like,,,, etc.
  7. After entering IP of your choice, click “Done”. A pop will appear asking for going to the next page, just ignore it and go back.
  8. Just connect your mobile with Wi-Fi and enjoy the limited version of the phone.

Limitation: Not suitable for all iOS devices, only for iOS 8 to 10.

There is an app called “DoctorUnlock” which unlocks the device using the phone IMEI number. Well, this software charges you a bit to free you from lock iCloud phone. For this to work, you first need to know about your IMEI number.

To know about it on the unactivated phone: 

  1. Simply click “” icon on the activation screen.
  2. Your IMEI number will pop up on the screen, note it down. 

              Steps to use “DoctorUnlock”:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “iCloud Unlock”.
  3. A screen will appear which will ask you about your phone model and IMEI number.  
  4. Enter your iPhone’s model and IMEI number.
  5. After entering information, proceed to payment method.
  6. Select a suitable payment method and confirm it.
  7. Visit AppleiTunesRingtones

It will take almost 24-72 hours by the “DoctorUnlock” for completely removing iCloud lock.


There is another site which provides you almost the same service named “iCloud Unlock”. It also asks you about your phone model and IMEI number and unlocks the phone within 72 hours by taking some payment from you.


  • Use iRemove tools:


Install the latest version of iRemove tools in PC and run it. Connect the phone with a cable to PC. The software will check whether your phone is compatible to remove iCloud lock. If it is compatible then the software will ask about payment methods. When you will pay to the software through your preferred payment method, a list of instructions will come.  Just follow them for the successful removal of iCloud lock issue.

iRemove tools

iRemove tools


It can be said with assurance that use of any method mentioned above will assist you in iCloud unlock free. Just try them out one by one by remaining calm.