iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged In

iPhone Wont Charge

iPhone Wont Charge

iPhone won’t Charge

iPhone really has good battery timings and facilitates its users with its long availability. But to support good battery timings, it needs to be charged. What if my iPhone won’t charge or iPhone not charging in spite of plugging in the socket or when plugged in not charging? This thing will definitely afraid you and you will start thinking about how you are going to go shopping to get it fixed. Well don’t go so far, there are solutions that can help you out of this situation and charge your iPhone.

Here I am listing some fixes that can be lifesavers for you.

Check alternative sockets:

If iPhone not charging It might happen circuit breaker might turn off the power of the socket you are trying to charge your phone with, so give a try to other sockets as well especially to the sockets that you are sure are working.

Check to charge cable:

If iPhone plugged in not charging, It may be because your charging cable has some leaks and breaks so kindly look for them. If u don’t find any leaks then connect your phone with a laptop through the power cable. If your phone starts charging then definitely charger has issues. Alternatively, you can also connect the phone with the car to check the health of the charger. You can also borrow a charger from your friend and connect your phone with it. If the phone is charging then it confirms that your phone is working correctly and the charger has the issues.

Brush the port:

Another reason for iPhone not charging is sometimes it happens that dirt, lint or some other small stuff gets stuck in charging port and it doesn’t let the proper connectivity of charger with iPhone. Take a flashlight and a small brush and brush out softly the charging port. As iPhone has nine connectors in it, and the presence of dirt, lint in any connector blocks the proper connectivity. Itunes Ringtones

Reset the phone:

If my iPhone wont charge, I should be aware that its software problem, not hardware. A hard reset phone is the most common solution to the problem. Different iPhones have different methods of resetting the phone. For iPhone 6S and 6S plus hold and press power and home button together until the Apple logo pop-ups on the screen. For iPhone 7 plus, press power and volume down button together until the logo appears. For 8+ versions, quickly press and release volume up button then volume down button. Then keep holding the power button until the Apple logo appears. 

Jump into DFU mode and restore:

Restore iphone

Restore iPhone

DFU mode is the same as factory reset which deletes everything in the phone and brings it back to original settings. This is a solution but try it when none other solution mentioned above works out for you. This reset often solves many severe software issues. So first connect your phone with the computer and open iTunes if iPhone wont charge even when it is plugged in. For 8 seconds press home and power button together. Then release the power button but continue holding the home button until iTunes detects your phone. Then restore the phone using iTunes. Authentic Ringtones

After trying all of the stuff mentioned above, if your iPhone won’t charge, won’t turn on or iPhone not charging even plugged in not charging again you should now preferably move to near iPhone store where you will definitely get it back charged.